Tutorials/island survival


A great seed to use when playing with friends, as the island is massive.

It contains a village on the main island, nearby Shipwrecks, zombie dungeon and another nearby village in the mainland.

The area also has complex cave systems that leads to Mineshafts and a lot of underwater Ravines to do aquatic exploration.


Zombie Dungeon:Coordinates: X: -212.70 / Y: 34.82 / Z: -311.70Under the massive island, you will find a zombie dungeon.Shipwrecks:Coordinates: X: -437 / Y: 54.71 / Z: -405.30Nearest Shipwreck close to the island.Nearby Village in Mainland:Coordinates: X: -437 / Y: 54.71 / Z: -405.30If you plan to go to mainland, there is a village just next to the shore.

Нуб и Про выживают на острове


Первая серия цикла видео о выживании на острове Скай блок в Майнкрафт. Героям придется выживать на диком острове, который не пригоден для выживания. В самом начале они решают добыть саженцы, древесину. Добычу отправляют в сундук, Нубик постоянно совершает необдуманные поступки, поэтому много усилий ребят уходят впустую.

Ярик построил генератор камня, зарабатывая первые полезные ископаемые. Полученные ресурсы они слаживают в сундук, копя на строительство идеального лагеря. С наступлением ночи вокруг острова появляется различная нечисть, которая хочет полакомиться главными героями. Работают друзья довольно медленно и теряют множество ресурсов, которые необходимы для выполнения задания в Майнкрафт выживанием.

























Once you have managed to set up a stable and reliable food- and tree farm and secured your basic necessities (housing and sleeping arrangements in some form), you can now begin to look outward and get on the business of exploring the greater world around you.

A good example hotbar for exploring

Start by making sure you have the materials shown above (a boat, food, weapons and tools, torches, and other necessary building blocks). Now, you can place the boat and start traveling away from the island. Be careful near underwater ravines, as bubble columns from magma blocks give you oxygen, but these blocks may also break your boat and pull you down underwater.

You can also travel the ocean by swimming instead of using a boat. Swimming near a dolphin speeds up your swimming, and also you can dive to see if there is a ruin or shipwreck at the ocean floor. You can also explore underwater caverns, but Water Breathing is required for exploring.

While exploring the ocean, there is also a chance you might find a monument, where guardians and prismarine can be found, which is useful for your conduit. See Tutorials/Defeating a monument for more. Once the island is out of sight, you can start searching for other islands or the mainland.


If you find a beach, try looking for sugar cane. If you find some, harvest it and then return to the home island and craft the sugar cane into paper, then a map (but save some sugarcane so you can farm it to get more). Then, travel in the same direction with your map, this time bringing a lead. Use the lead to bring animals to the home island.

While you are filling your map, be sure to any islands you see, as they may house generated structures underneath them.


If you see another island, head for it immediately, light it up, and dig down. Chances are that there is a generated structure underneath.

If you discover a generated structure, it is advisable to set up a second base of operations (a home away from home, so as to say), as many of the underground generated structures can generate quite large and take a long time to fully explore.

If there is nothing to be found there (not even ores), pillar jump back up, retrieving the ladders as you go. Then, travel the same distance from your home island as you were when you discovered the other island. In other words, your compass should face sideways.

Since biomes in islands are mostly plains, there is a small chance to find plains village on islands that provide more resources. However, there’s also a chance you can find an isolated pillager outpost on small islands. It is advised to take these on later, as they can be a base or source of resources.

Frozen ocean

If you didn’t find any island, but frozen ocean or frozen deep ocean, there are also extra resources you can collect, such as snowballs from snow blocks, and packed ice and blue ice (make sure to break the ice using a pickaxe with silk touch enchantment). Despite kelp and seagrass not generated here, the surface is completely frozen (except frozen deep ocean‌[Java Edition only]), so you can walk on this biome. In rare cases, ruins and shipwreck can generate inside icebergs, providing a easy source of loot. Just make sure to have armor and weapons, as they provide ares for the undead to spawn. Polar bears can spawn during the day, which can be dangerous when near cubs, and strays also spawn at night. Polar bears can drop fish and strays can drop bones, arrows, and sometimes tipped arrows.

Minecraft 1.8.4 survival island seeds list

Just like it was above, here are a few examples of the great seeds from the full Minecraft 1.8.4 island seed list.

This is another one of those perfect Minecraft 1.8.4 island seeds. The reason this one is so good is because there are two islands a stone throw apart. There are no trees on the one, only grass and pigs. As for the other island seed, it’s got tons of trees. Between both these islands players have a ranch and a forest.

There are a ton of possibilities with this easy Minecraft survival island seed. Players could connect the two islands or leave them separate. One island can easily be converted into a ranch because of the pigs and grass. The other island is basically a forest island and has tons of wood for players to collect. This is a fun Minecraft island seed for having something to do at all times.

There are other islands nearby, but why leave this Minecraft island seed when it’s got so much to do? Between building a ranch, clearing and replanting the forest, and flattening the islands, there’s an endless supply of stuff to do. This isn’t really a Minecraft survival island seed because it’s not even difficult to survive. Really this is one of the most pampered island seeds for players to pick from.

This Minecraft island seed is nicknamed the big chicken island seed because it’s so easy to survive. This island has plenty of grass to grow wheat with. This wheat can be used to breed the pigs and chickens on this massive Minecraft island seed.

There are too many trees to count, which is good for collecting apples. There’s never a shortage of wood, saplings, or apples on this Minecraft survival island seed. There’s even the entrance or start to a cobblestone cave in the middle of the island. Rumor has it there’s even an abandoned mineshaft beneath this island.

There are probably more island nearby, but no need to leave this one. This easy to survive island seed has all the necessities of any island. Players can easily exist in bulk on this island seed, and there’s easily enough dirt to make some massive wheat farms and apple orchards. This is a great Minecraft island seed.

This is a great Minecraft island seed for ocean monument enthusiasts. This fun Minecraft 1.8.4 survival island seed has plenty of potential for an end game. While water temples are difficult to traverse, players are in no hurry with the abundant amount of trees they can find on this island.

The Minecraft survival island seed here has tons of trees on a tiny little island right next to an ocean monument. People can easily harvest all the apples from the trees and replant an apple orchard. There’s enough dirt to spread the island out quite a bit in order to stuff more trees on it. There should also be some grass to create a wheat farm with.


Found on Reddit by the user u/MCDodge34. The seed contains an above water Shipwreck, an Ocean Monument with nearby Ocean Ruins to loot from, and a nearby Spider dungeon under the island.

The island itself is big to build on with plenty of trees at your disposal.


Spider DungeonCoordinates: X: -42.678 / Y: 30.02 / Z: 161Right next and under the island, you’ll find the dungeon.Ocean Monument:Coordinates: X: -175.6 / Y: 61.50 / Z: 176.14West of the island, there will be an Ocean Monument.Ocean Ruins:Coordinates: X: -203.35 / Y: 51.06 / Z: 249.59Left side of the Monument, there is a nice amount of Ocean Ruins to loot from.Above Water ShipwreckCoordinates: X: -69.424 / Y: 68.01 / Z: 326.43Right close to the island there will be above water Shipwreck. A great aesthetic addition to the world.

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Minecraft 1.16.3 survival island seeds list

Below is an example of Minecraft 1.16.3 survival island seeds from our full list. The 1.16.3 island seeds bring a bunch of new ocean biomes you can have near your islands.

This is one of the best Minecraft island seeds ever. This one is really crazy, you start on a 1.16.3 village island. There’s another island with a well on it and the whole place is surrounded by warm ocean. This Minecraft 1.16.3 island seed gets even better however. There’s a giant mushroom island biome right in view of the island. It’s a great place to pick up some mushrooms. Then there’s also a mesa biome in plain sight where you can pick up colorful clay blocks. So if you were looking for tropical fish, or a village island, in either case this is the Minecraft island seed for you. There’s even a cave in the center of the island that leads to catacombs of iron and coal as well.


Though this seed doesn’t have much to offer besides Shipwrecks, it is a wonderful aesthetic location to build a base, thanks to the Reddit user u/Harlson for finding this.

The island itself is an isolated village in the ocean with a great ocean terrain to explore.

There are various of smaller islands in the vicinity that gives the tropical atmosphere.


2 Shipwrecks:Coordinates: X: -192.37 / Y: 43.70 / Z: 348.76Coordinates: X: -233.25 / Y: 41.0 / Z: 127.29Nearest known Shipwrecks close to the VillageOcean Ruins with a Shipwreck:Coordinates: X: -73.03 / Y: 40 / Z: 42.22Look at all the loot in one spot.


Маркус Перссон написал в своём блоге о том, какую конечную цель можно придумать для режима выживания.
Indev-версия Java Edition
0.31 6 января 2010 Добавлен тип карты, в котором дно мира состояло из коренной породы, а в воздухе генерировались парящие острова. Позже этот тип мира был удалён в Infdev.
Бета-версия Java Edition
Перссон опубликовал в Imgur несколько снимков экрана Небесного мира. В нём были блоки, существа и похожее небо из Верхнего мира.
Перссон решил добавить нового существа для Небесного мира — странника Края. Некоторые игроки просили переименовать странника в фарландера (англ. Farlander), отсылка на Далёкие земли, но Перссон пошутил, что скорее переименует далёкие земли в «Край», чем странника.
Пользователь cptqwashi написал в Reddit об идее назвать новое измерение «Эндером», в котором будут обитать странники и драконы. Позже Перссон написал, что его идея на 100% близка к правде. Однако потом стало известно, что измерение будет называться «Краем», в котором будет один дракон.
Перссон опубликовал в Imgur снимок экрана Края с драконом.
Небесный мир заменён на Край.
Спустя несколько лет Йенс Бергенстен сообщил о том, почему от Небесного мира пришлось отказаться — это измерение освещалось так же, как и обычный мир, из-за чего появлялись тени, которые снижали производительность. Край не имеет солнца и равномерно освещается.
Официальный выпуск Java Edition
1.0.0 1.9 Prerelease 4 Добавлен Край и портал.
Около портала обитает дракон, который может уничтожить его рамки, однако блоки портала всё равно продолжат работать без них. В режиме творчества рамки недоступны.
1.3.1 12w23a В режиме творчества доступны рамки портала.
12w25a Цвет неба Края тёмно-фиолетового цвета.
2013 Music Update Добавлен саундтрек для Края.
1.8 14w17a Биом Края называется «Край», а не «Небо».
1.9 15w31a Обсидиановые столбы разного размера расположены по кругу. На высоких столбах кристаллы защищены железной решёткой.
Портал в обычный мир изначально находится в Крае, но он не активирован и на нём нет яйца дракона.
Добавлены дальние острова, которые практически бесконечны и находятся на расстоянии 1000 блоков от центрального острова.
Добавлены корабли и города, которые есть на дальних островах.
15w32c Маяки на кораблях заменены тыквами.
15w33c Тыквы заменены на воронки с книгой, которую написал Михаэль Штоике.
15w41a Воронки с книгой заменена на рамки с элитрами.
16w07b Кристаллы на высоких столбах не защищены железной решёткой.
pre1 Кристаллы на высоких столбах снова защищены железной решёткой.
1.11 16w39a Карты теперь работают в Крае.
Добавлены врата, которые есть на островах.
1.13 18w06a Дальние острова разделены на четыре биома — плавающие, равнинные, возвышенные и окраинные острова.
18w07a Фантомы теперь появляются в Крае.
18w09a Фантомы больше не появляются в Крае.
18w19a Плавающие острова переименованы в «Островки Края».
Равнинный остров переименован в «Равнины Края».
Возвышенный остров переименован в «Возвышенности Края».
Окраинный остров переименован «Окраины Края».
pre5 Изменён ID с на .
Изменён ID с на .
Изменён ID с на .
Изменён ID с на .
Изменён ID с на .
1.0 1.0 build 1 Добавлен Край.
Legacy Console Edition
Добавлен Край: обсидиановые столбы расположены по кругу; Портал в обычный мир появляется, когда игрок перемещается в Край, но активируется только в том случае, если игрок убьёт дракона.
Цвет неба Края тёмно-фиолетового цвета.
Портал в обычный мир изначально находится в Крае, но он не активирован и на нём нет яйца дракона.
Добавлены дальние острова, которые практически бесконечны и находятся на расстоянии 1000 блоков от центрального острова.
Добавлены города и корабли, которые есть на дальних островах.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
1.7.10 Добавлен Край.

Java Seeds

Bamboo Island

Seed: 6622662217031624373

This is a unique seed that starts you off on a small bamboo island, complete with a Jungle Temple and a pair of Pandas! This island seed is perfect for players who love Pandas, a somewhat rare mob in the game. You don’t start off completely dry, though. There are plenty of trees for getting logs, the Temple provides some decent material, and the Pandas provide company.

  • Key Locations

    • Jungle Temple #1: 25 55
    • Jungle Temple #2: 615 75
    • Jungle Temple #3: 675 -215
    • Stronghold: 1524 212
    • Ocean Monument: -280 -230

The Mushroom Island Portal

On this map, you don’t start on the island being featured, but it’s not far off from the world’s spawn point. The massive island is half Birch Forest with a village and half Mooshroom Island. However, as rare as that is, what’s more fascinating is that directly below the village is a completed 12 Eye Portal inside a Stronghold. If you’re looking for a killer seed that will get you to the Enderdragon fast, this one is perfect for you.

  • Key Locations

    • Stronghold Stairway: -2124 -732
    • Mineshaft: -2150 -600
    • Ocean Monument: -2460 -800
    • Zombie Spawner: -1989 -514
    • Taiga Village: -2200 -775

Life and Death

Image Via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: BigBrain5Head | Seed: 328211190642393298 | Platform: Java

In this map, you spawn in a zombie village in a large ocean that branches into a normal village on the other side of the island. Your goal? Protect the villagers at all costs! Scavenge for supplies from the dead zone when you can, but don’t bring any of the zombies back. This is a one-of-a-kind seed and an exceptional way to start a new Minecraft Survival world!

  • Key Locations

    • Zombie Village: Spawn
    • Living Village: 5 70 10
    • Ocean Monument: 220 50 635
    • Shipwreck #1: 390 50 -85
    • Shipwreck #2: -230 50 -80

Shipwreck Cove

Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: Plebiain | Seed: 7777777777988733304 | Platform: Java

On Shipwreck Cove, you spawn on a shipwreck, stranded to an island, far from civilization. However, there is another Shipwreck here, which means you might not be alone. Well, in Single Player, you know you’re alone. Use your imagination! Make up a story, or just enjoy the peace and solitude of Shipwreck Cove!

  • Key Locations

    • Shipwreck #1: 70 70 25
    • Shipwreck #2: 40 70 -90
    • Mineshaft: -55 40 170
    • Taiga Village: -1212 90 -432
    • Stronghold: -1212 40 -636

King Turtle’s Ocean Mushroom Quest

Image via: Pro Game Guides | Discovered By: GeographyMapper | Seed: -641665237699763711 | Platform: Java

So, we’ll be blunt. We gave this the name it has because the Turtles spawned and fit so well with our screenshot of the island, we had to include them. Still, this island seed is anything but ordinary! You start off on an island with ample supply of wood, and must survive through the Mining Fatigue of three Ocean Monuments nearby! Not only that, but this spawn lands you only a few hundred blocks away from a decently-sized Mushroom Island!

  • Key Locations

    • Ocean Monument #1: -345 40 -130
    • Ocean Monument #2: -245 40 190
    • Ocean Monument #3: 50 40 220
    • Mushroom Island #1: 200 70 -200
    • Mushroom Island #2: -500 70 650

Сфера выживания (Sphere Survival) [1.12.]

Карта похожа на предыдущую, но с небольшой антуражной изюминкой. Теперь в воздухе висят гигантские сферы. Находятся они на определенном расстоянии друг от друга, поэтому вам придется постараться, чтобы соединить их, например, мостами. Однако учтите, что сделать это вам будут мешать криперы и другие мобы, от которых необходимо отбиваться. Эта карта в Майнкрафт – мечта для любого геймера, любящего хардкор и выживание.

Скачать карту на выживание в сферах для Майнкрафт

СКАЧАТЬ с Modsfire

СКАЧАТЬ с Google Диск

СКАЧАТЬ с Облака Mail.ru

Надеемся, что наш ТОП-10 заинтересовал вас, и потому вы готовы принять вызов, чтобы пройти хотя бы некоторые из представленных карт. А для этого вам наверняка понадобится самый крутой дом в Майнкрафт и урожайная ферма. Если же вы предпочитаете нечто с ноткой безумия, то у нас есть подходящая для вас подборка построек. Все это разнообразит хардкорный геймплей в режиме выживания!

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Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seeds list

Here are a few examples of the great seeds from the full Minecraft 1.8.8 island seed list.

This place is great. There’s an ocean monument right off shore, there are plenty of trees, dead end caves, and more. This place is an extremely interesting island, and it’s elevation in particular is very cool. This whole island is a big hill.

This is a great 1.8.8 survival island seed for anyone who wants an easy-going adventure, but still wants plenty to do. This is not for the players who want a small island with few or no trees. There are islands like that on this site, but this one is definitely far from that.

There are plenty of other cool Minecraft island seeds to choose from, but this one is definitely cool in it’s own way. It’s rare for Minecraft 1.8.8 survival island seeds to have so many cool elements mixed together. It’s fun to think of all the possibilities for this island seed because of that gold, the roller coasters in survival mode could be amazing. There’s definitely plenty of space to mine ores on this cool 1.8.8 island seed.

This place is a great survival island for players who want a few trees, some grass, a small 1.8.8 island, and nothing else really. Some players want islands with 1 to three trees, this one almost fits the bill. Some players even want islands with no trees, those are difficult to survive on, but there are ways.

This particular island has enough resources to get any player started. Don’t forget that tree leaf blocks can drop apples. Also be sure to check out the entrance to an imaginary place at the top of the hill. This weird indentation into the side of the hill is something that really spurs the imagination. This place is really cool looking for such a plain and simple Minecraft 1.8.8 island seed.

This island is only slightly larger than in the screenshot above. It’s hard to fit the whole island into one picture. This is a great 1.8.8 Minecraft survival island seed to use if anyone wants to give it a go.

There are actually a few trees on this fun island seed. This place has two really cool plateau’s, one of which is floating in the air. There’s one active lava flow on one side of the island. There are also tons of resources exposed on the sides of various hills and mountains.

The survival island is actually not very big. The picture above captures over 75% of the island for the most part. This 1.8.8 island seed is really interesting, and there are plenty more where this cool seed came from. Be sure to check out the rest of the 1.8.8 island seeds, and check out the other Minecraft seed categories as well.

Minecraft 1.16.4 survival island seeds list

Below is an example of Minecraft 1.16.4 survival island seeds from our full list. Island seeds from the 1.16.4 list offer all sorts of ocean types including warm oceans and lots of different types of island types.

This Minecraft 1.16.4 island seed is crazy. It’s an isolated island seed with polar bears nearby. It’s in the arctic with nowhere else to go. There are literally no other islands nearby. This is the most isolated and lonely island adventure ever, but that in and of itself brings about its own adventure. This is a really awesome Minecraft 1.16.4 survival island seed if you want that isolated island experience. The glaciers block your path so you can even boat around or anything. If you were ever looking for an ice-like island adventure then this is the only seed for you.

Know your environment[]

Islands often generate in remote areas. Often, no other land is visible, and the island you are on may host just one tree, or just a few trees. If the island has no trees and the Bonus Chest option is turned off, you may want to start a new world, or try to find a different island, unless you want the challenge.

When on an island, few to no animals may be present. It may be worth keeping animals alive for their resources. For example:

  • A single chicken lays eggs, which can be thrown to get a chance to spawn a chick, which then grows into a chicken and can be bred with the first chicken to produce more.
  • A single sheep is your best option for creating a bed, once you find two blocks of iron ore to smelt into ingots and create shears for getting wool. Shears and a bucket are good first uses of iron. You can also use four string to craft a block of wool, but this requires killing a lot of spiders, and string should be prioritized for making a fishing rod.

When on small island in a deep ocean, ironically, you don’t have to worry much about monsters if the island is small enough to be within the minimum 24-block spawning range. Drowned may spawn in the ocean but they typically don’t emerge from the water in a deep ocean. This is the situation with the «Ocean Monuments Ahead» seed in the Bedrock Edition seed picker. With larger islands, it is a good idea to light it up as soon as possible to prevent monsters from spawning on it.

As soon as you get the chance, look around and out to sea: are you on a solitary island or is the island you are on part of a larger group of islands, an island chain or archipelago?

If the former is the case, then you should focus on what the island you are on has to offer and try to establish yourself.

If the latter is the case, however, then it may (depending on resources, time and how far apart the islands are) be worth taking a look at what the other islands have to offer as well. They could contain what your island lacks that you need to survive.


Основная статья: Система достижений

Значок Достижение Описание Задача Доступность Очков Xbox Тип трофея (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
В самое пекло (Into The Nether) Постройте портал из обсидиана — 4 блока в ширину и 5 блоков в высоту, и подожгите его огнивом, чтобы попасть в Нижний мир. Зажгите портал в Нижний мир. Да PS3 Да Да 40G Серебряный
PS4, Vita Бронзовый

Основная статья: Система достижений (Java Edition)

Значок Достижение Описание Предок Задача (если отличается) Идентификатор
Вернуть отправителю Убейте гаста его же огненным шаром. Нижний мир
Кротовая нора Воспользуйтесь Нижним миром, чтобы переместиться на 7 км в обычном мире Нижний мир Воспользуйтесь Нижним миром, чтобы переместиться между 2-мя точками в обычном мире, между которыми расстояние как минимум 7000 блоков.
Чертоги страха Ворвитесь в адскую крепость Нижний мир Зайдите в адскую крепость.
Война миров Заманите гаста в обычный мир… а затем убейте его. Вернуть отправителю Убейте гаста в обычном мире.
Бедный Йорик! Добудьте череп скелета-иссушителя Чертоги страха Получите череп скелета-иссушителя.
В полымя Добудьте огненный стержень Чертоги страха Получите огненный стержень.
Местный зельевар Сварите зелье В полымя Возьмите любой предмет из слота для зелий варочной стойки.
Чудо-юдо Призовите иссушителя Бедный Йорик! Находитесь в параллелепипеде 100.9×100.9×103.5, в центре которого призывается иссушитель.
Энергетический коктейль Испытайте эффекты всех возможных зелий одновременно Местный зельевар Испытайте все эти 13 эффектов зелий на себе одновременно.
Желанный свет Постройте и установите маяк Чудо-юдо Находитесь в параллелепипеде 20×20×14, в центре которого активируется блок маяка.
Невозможное возможно! Испытайте все возможные эффекты одновременно Энергетический коктейль Испытайте все эти 26 эффектов на себе одновременно.
Маяковский Доведите маяк до полной мощности Желанный свет Находитесь в параллелепипеде 20×20×14, в центре которого активируется блок маяка, стоящий на пирамиде из 4-х слоёв.
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